A truly extraordinary book by a phenomenal pilot and warrior. Alan Mack was in the thick of every sensitive, harrowing, high-stakes operation in the decade following 9/11. His account of combat from the cockpit of the world’s most exceptional special ops aviation unit and of the toll it took on him and his family is forthright, riveting, raw, compelling, and inspirational. Readers will not be able to put Razor 3 down.” ~ General David H. Petraeus, US Army (Ret.), former Commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Command, and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan, and former Director of the CIA

“Heart-pounding, intensely personal, emotionally draining, and the best book I have ever read about the Night Stalkers!  Al Mack’s stories of courage, sacrifice and heroism of the highest order will leave you awe-struck at the kind of men who fly these machines and the families who stand beside them.” ~ Admiral William H. McRaven, USN (Ret)

‘Alan Mack has lived and fought through more war than a dozen action heroes. His story isn’t just a page-turner – it’s a gripping emotional rollercoaster about love and loss and the painful cost to families back home.’
~ Jim DeFelice, author of AMERICAN SNIPER and fifteen other The New York Times best-sellers

‘Maybe the unspoken hardest part of fighting a war is coming home. Al Mack fearlessly explores the terror and camaraderie of flying in the world’s most elite aviation unit; and the damage and costs that this inflicted upon his marriage and himself. His journey on the home front is harrowing as at the same time he puts us in the cockpit for a truly dramatic behind-the-scenes look at some of the US’s most secretive operations. Al Mack survived the wars, and then he survived what the wars did to him, and I believe he set this tale down so that others might find a way back home.
~ Doug Stanton, HORSE SOLDIERS and IN HARM’s WAY

“Razor 03, A Night Stalker’s Wars, is an eye-opening description of what goes on behind the scenes of a special operation from the pilot’s perspective. Al Mack’s edge-of-the seat stories provide a compelling rendition of what it’s like to ride to Hell and back in an MH-47 Chinook. An incredible story hardly believable had I not witnessed it first hand.”
~ Command Master Chief (SEAL) Britt K. Slabinski, United States Navy (Ret), Medal of Honor Recipient

‘A gritty, inside look at life as a Night Stalker – from intense combat missions overseas to the tragic costs that lifestyle can impose on a family.’
~ Sean Naylor, author of The New York Times Bestseller – RELENTLESS STRIKE

‘Al Mack did the impossible: delivering my ODA Special Forces team past numerous Taliban defenses to start our mission after 9/11. He did a phenomenal job then, and he’s done a phenomenal job now, detailing a life filled with missions every bit as exciting and dangerous as ours. His book proves the old saying, “Nobody tells an I-was-there-story like an Army aviator.’
~ Mark Nutsch, US Army Major, Commander ODA 595 HORSE SOLDIERS, and co-author of SWORDS OF LIGHTNING: Green Beret Horse Soldiers and America’s Response to 9/11

‘Al Mack reminds us that the blank check our service members sign to our country is drawn against their families as well. His candid memoir speaks of courage and tragedy, both on the battlefield and at home.’
~ Taya Kyle, author of The New York Times Bestselling – AMERICAN WIFE

‘There is little argument that the US Army’s Special Operations Aviation Regiment fields the best helicopter pilots in the world. Alan Mack was one of these intrepid “Night Stalkers,” proving his mettle through the rigors of training, endless deployments, and decades of war, during which he hunted Osama bin Laden, rescued American warriors from the jaws of death, was shot up, shot down, and only survived due to his indomitable will and the grace of God. Mack tells his story in “Razor 03” with literary skill and fascinating detail, yet also evocative passages that bring laughter, terror and tears. It’s the story of an American patriot, warrior, husband and father, trying to balance his high-risk profession with the painful sacrifices of life on the home front. A gripping read, it should be on the shelves of all military staff colleges, and in the pockets of all would-be, hot-shot helo pilots. Mack proves the Regiment’s motto, “NSDQ” Night Stalkers Don’t Quit!’
~ Steven Hartov, co-author of The New York Times Bestselling – IN THE COMPANY OF HEROES and THE NIGHT STALKERS

‘Alan Mack has achieved something quite extraordinary: an enthralling combat memoir that provides at the same time a compelling commentary on two decades of war. Perhaps most importantly, it is a searingly honest human story of the personal cost endured by the families of those who serve, and an inspiring tale of resilience. In short — Mack has produced a triumph of story-telling.’
~ Andy Milburn, author of WHEN THE TEMPEST GATHERS

‘Alan Mack is the real deal, part of an elite band of ultimate aviators. Throughout all the setbacks – getting shot down, losing comrades, and tragedy on the home front – he endures. He is the living embodiment of his unit’s motto: “Night Stalkers Don’t Quit!’
~ Toby Harnden, author of FIRST CASUALTY

‘Al Mack vividly highlights  the importance of family, struggle, and sacrifice. Night Stalkers Don’t Quit.’ ~ David Burnett, author of MAKING A NIGHT STALKER

‘Razor 03 reads like a fast-paced action novel. Alan Mack gives us the deepest dive I’ve ever read about the fantastic life of a Night Stalker. It is as much a history lesson as it is a personal confession about the extremes of life in our nation’s most esteemed aviation unit, TF 160. Razor 03 is the reminder we all need to know: our nation is safe because of the sacrifices and commitment of these brave men and women.’ ~ Matt Eversmann, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Walk in My Combat Boots”