Razor 03 – A Night Stalker’s Wars

The attacks of September 11, 2001, prompted the creation of a robust and deadly special operations force — Task Force Dagger.

Alan C. Mack, Callsign Razor 03, led one of two teams of MH-47E helicopters and armed MH-60s. Their two-fold mission – Personnel Recovery (PR) and Unconventional Warfare(UW) involved flying in terrain and weather previously not thought possible.

But, if that wasn’t enough, they pushed the flight envelope of their specially modified Chinooks to the limit and beyond.

Alan shares his behind-the-scenes perspective of the Horse Soldier’s infil into Afghanistan. He discusses the hunt for Usama Bin Laden at Tora Bora and describes his shootdown during Operation Anaconda. Years later, he chased Bowe Bergdahl, rescued hostages in Iraq, and the Lone Survivor from the Kunar Valley.

Alan’s near-death experiences and frequent deployments not only affected him but pushed his wife toward prescription opioids. Her developing addiction led to friction as he kept her secret and continued to deploy.

He lived by his unit’s motto, Night Stalkers Don’t Quit! He wouldn’t quit on his unit – he couldn’t quit on his family. His story of success, tragedy, and ultimate happiness is as old as warfare itself.

• Every War has a human element — The untold story of a Night Stalker’s success, tragedy, and personal redemption.

• Ten years of deployments brought Alan monumental success and crushing sadness — both provide intriguing accounts of War, love, determination, and emotional resilience.

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Razor 03 – A Night Stalker’s Wars

ISBN 978 1 39901 869 2
Pen and Sword Publishers
By Alan C. Mack
Editor: Chris Evans ChrisEvansAuthor.com
Copyright © Alan Mack, 2022