Alan C. Mack

Military Story

Alan C. Mack joined the Army upon graduating High School. His desire to see the world as a US Army helicopter mechanic took him to the Republic of Korea, West Texas, and the Federal Republic of Germany before attending Warrant Officer flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

The nearly year-long flight school yielded a UH-1H, Huey, and CH-47D, Chinook, aircraft qualification before his first pilot assignment in Savannah, Georgia.

Timing is everything, as he arrived in time to progress with his new unit as a copilot in Operation Desert Shield. Then, several months later, he flew combat missions in the lead aircraft penetrating deep into Iraq.

Upon his return to the United States, he quickly achieved the status of Pilot-in-command and eventually assumed the coveted role of Night Vision Goggle Unit Trainer. The NVG UT position is a precursor to flying as an Instructor Pilot (IP). Another assignment to the Republic of Korea was in store for Alan before attending the CH-47 Instructor Pilot course at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

The call to adventure was persuasive, drawing Alan into the special operations community as an MH-47 pilot. Hard work and relentless training vaulted him to the top of his peer group as a Flight Lead and standardization instructor pilot. His experience and leadership traits put him at the forefront of several clandestine special operations, some still too classified to discuss in an open forum.

Not many Warrant Officers have the opportunity to command a unit, but Alan was entrusted with the United States Military Academy Flight Detachment at West Point, New York. With his military career approaching thirty-six years, he elected to retire and join public service.

CW5 Alan C. Mack is a Master Aviator with more than 6700 hours of flight time, of which over 3200 hours were flown with Night Vision Goggles.

Alan C. Mack’s awards include
• Legion of Merit
• 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses
• 3 Bronze Star Medals
• 3 Meritorious Service Medals
• 10 Air Medals; one with Valor device, Combat Action Badge, and the Army Broken Wing award.

Alan now serves his local government as a Deputy Commissioner of Emergency Services for Orange County, New York.

160th SOAR Night Stalkers emblem
Alan C. Mack
Alan C. Mack